Experience The Gonstead Difference...

Experience The Gonstead Difference

What To Expect

On your initial consultation we ask you to fill out some paperwork, responding to questions regarding your health history, lifestyle factors such as leisure activities, occupation etc. The Gonstead Chiropractor will then have a detailed discussion with you about your presenting condition and health history.

The chiropractor then conducts a structural analysis which includes looking at your posture, muscle balance and assessing for areas of weakness or tension.  You will then be asked to provide important information to give DR. DOCTOR, DC DISC INJURY AND SPINAL CARE CLINIC, PA a better understanding of you and your health concern, which will enable us to tailor-make a plan of care specific to your needs. You will be afforded the opportunity to discuss any and all concerns as it relates to your present state of health.

Then, Dr. Doctor will conduct detailed, specific examinations to determine the appropriateness and extent of care that are necessary for your body to express optimal health. These examinations will consist of instrumentation, static palpation, motion palpation, visualization, and x-rays as well as orthopedic and neurological exams.

Based upon all of the information and exam findings, the doctor will give a report of findings. Then, a specific adjustment will be given to the spine or extremity to remove the neurological interference and allow the body to heal itself from within without the use of drugs or surgery.

Throughout the course of care, your doctor will check your nervous system for the presence of subluxation and administer an adjustment only when the nervous interference is present. In addition, the doctor will aim to educate, enlighten, and empower his patients on how to make informed decisions when the body is expressing signs of less than optimal health.